Christmas Lesson

Finished Example of project in "Primary Partners: Nursery and Age 3, Vol. 1". Characters are laminated and stuck with velcro. A zipper baggie is stapled to the bag as storage for the characters.

Swaddled Baby Jesus. Tongue depresser wrapped in cloth. Face drawn with permanent marker and cheeks with pink marker.

Color Page 1

Color Page 2


  1. I guess I'm not sure how to use this site. Are there templates for the artwork for the nativity w/ velcro? Please respond to


  2. you are awesome! I have taught for years (RS, YW, etc) but Sunbeams is a challenge. You help to make it easier for me. thanks!

  3. Kate, The Nativity was from a commercial book. Sunday Savers or something like that. I just posted it here so we could remember what we did, and to give an idea. :)

  4. Love your site
    I am looking for an older Nursery manual...not Primary Manual 3 that one was orange....
    I am looking for the one before that one. The cover was light blue cardstock and it was spiral bound. I would be so happy to get a copy of it

    crossing my fingers