My Primary CHORISTER Blog!

My current calling is as Primary Chorister. I keep a blog for that called Primary Notes 29, it is HERE! (I'm in the 29th Ward, hence the name). I'm putting up new music time ideas all the time over there. It's a fun new adventure for me. I have special places in my heart for both Nursery and Music Time!

Welcome to Church Babies

My Mother and I were Nursery Leaders in the Primary Program affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints (LDS).  These are materials we gathered over the years.  She teaches school; so we pulled ideas from church manuals,  school books, scrapbooking...

When we put these lessons together we were teaching out of the orange Nursery Manual, Primary 1 (the one for the Sunbeams).  The current Nursery Manual is Behold Your Little Ones (2008).  Everything can be found using the tabs on top of this page.